WGS 2024: AI will not replace humans any time soon, assures Meta’s top scientist

Artificial intelligence systems lack essential components needed to create an analytical mind, says Dr. Yann LeCun.

A top AI scientist has allayed fears that artificial intelligence will be replacing humans any time soon.

Speaking on the second day of the World Governments Summit (WGS) 2024, Dr. Yann LeCun, Turing Award Laureate, Vice President and Chief AI Scientist at Meta, said that AI will not replace humans in managing, analysing and leading socio-economic activities across various business sectors any time soon.

In a plenary session titled ‘Will AI Lead Us to Our End?’, which was moderated by Bloomberg’s Nate Lanxon, LeCun explained that AI experts and scientists still require a lot of time to develop technical settings that rival the human mind.

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Artificial intelligence far behind human capabilities

Currently, he noted, AI’s cognitive abilities are less sophisticated than those of cats and dogs. It is very far from reaching human cognition and intelligence, he added.

LeCun elaborated that AI systems lack the administrative or planning capabilities that the human mind possesses. It also falls short when it comes to speed or temporal accuracy to analyse and manage complex issues. These capabilities, he stated, are essential components in creating a scientific, critical, and analytical mind, and are still largely absent from the technological field.

LeCun stated that the next phase will require developing safer and more effective AI systems. These systems play a pivotal role in establishing the infrastructure for communications networks and the internet.

He stressed the need to produce AI systems with the highest levels of security and effectiveness. This is necessary because they are involved in operating, developing, and increasing the efficiency of all of the devices most commonly used around the world, such as phones and laptops, as well as the various modes of transport.

WGS 2024: AI will not replace humans any time soon, assures Meta’s top scientist

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WGS 2024: AI will not replace humans any time soon, assures Meta’s top scientist

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