Social Media ban for kids under 14 in Florida, India needs the same?

New Delhi: Children in Florida under 14 will no longer be allowed to make accounts on social
media platforms beginning Jan. 1, 2025, under a new law.

The measure requires social media platforms to terminate the accounts of people under 14 and
those of people under 16 who do not have parental consent. It requires them to use a third-party
verification system to screen out those who are underage.

Supporters of the bill say that it will stem the harmful effects of social media. However, critics say
that it violates the US Constitution’s First Amendment protections for free speech.

Age-gating framework for social media in India
In India until now, a child above the age of 13 can open Google, Facebook, and Instagram
accounts. India does not have a dedicated law to protect the safety of children online, though
there exist fragmented initiatives. However, the most recently released Digital Personal Data
Protection Act, 2023 addresses the data privacy concern pertaining to children and mandates that
verifiable consent of the parent or legal guardian of the child must be obtained.

This means if a minor (person under the age of 18) wants to open a Facebook or Social Media
account, verifiable parental consent would have to be obtained.

Karnataka High Court on social media user age limit
Last year, a sitting judge of the Karnataka High Court, Justice Narendar noted that an age limit for
social media platform is desirable in view of how addicted children have become to social media.

Meanwhile, China too, in August 2023 released draft “Guidelines for the Establishment of Minors’
Modes for the Mobile Internet” drawing global attention for proposing to curb social media time for

Social Media ban for kids under 14 in Florida, India needs the same?

25 March 2024 New Delhi’s announced it’s

Social Media ban for kids under 14 in Florida, India needs the same?

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