Association of Professional Detectives and Investigators India is the first & foremost national organization whose members are the leaders of their profession of investigations. In addition, free lancers and other investigation personnels as well as students are involved with APDI to better understand the constant changes in investigation issues and solutions.

APDI is headed by Kunwar Vikram Singh as National Chairman. Mr. Subhash Wadhawan is the National president & Mr. L.N. Rao, Former Deputy Commissioner of Police is Working National President while Mr. Mahesh C. Sharma is the Secretary General. At state level also there are professionals heading the unit. APDI has duly formulated Code of Ethics for its members. They are also governed by APDI Code of Conduct, Rules. There are specially empowered committees to take care of various aspects of enrolment & discipline. APDI (Disciplinary & Appeal) Rules are in force to take action against defaulting members.

Prominent members of APDI are also with World Association of Detectives. Kunwar Vikram Singh is the Chairman of WAD till October, 2018. There are four directors in WAD from India and they are duly elected. Thus, for purposes of global networking, APDI is recognized as a representative association, thereby enlarging the scope for professional excellence.
APDI is officially recognized by GOI to be the representative body of Private Detectives in India.


APDI is the platform of likeminded professionals who believe in unity despite diversity. The purpose is to have a common goal of achieving excellence. All members develop a sense of belonging to the family called APDI. They live upto the ethics, culture and standards prescribed & adopted by one and all.

In 2005, Shri Shivraj Patil, Hon’ble Minister of Home Affairs made a statement in Parliament that the Government of India intends to introduce a legislation to regulate the functioning of Private Detectives in India. An emergent meeting of CEOs of Private Detective companies operating in various metros was convened to discuss the impact of the proposed legislation. 60 eminent CEOs participated in the conference held at the PHD Chambers of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi.

After much preliminary work, the Association of Private Detectives & Investigators or APDI was founded in June 2005 by leader professionals. It was incorporated on 18 th December, 2006 with Registrar of Societies, Govt. of NCT of Delhi vide no. S.57379.

The Ministry of Home Affairs asked APDI to submit all documents regarding the process of Self Regulation being undertaken by the Association so that the matter can be discussed within the MoH. APDI has already formed chapters in New Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab and Chandigarh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh etc. We propose to install chapters in every State in India. In case some states do not have adequate representation, we shall club a few together to form a Regional Chapter. 

Membership in APDI has become an honor and privilege, a badge of professionalism recognized by the general public, the legal community and government agencies alike. 

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