Google issues apology to India over AI controversy; Gemini’s reliability questioned: Report

Google faces backlash over AI platform Gemini in India, issues apology to Prime Minister Modi. Government seeks clarification on platform’s unreliability. Controversy escalates with allegations of racial bias and historical inaccuracies, leading to calls for CEO Sundar Pichai’s resignation.

In a recent turn of events, Google found itself embroiled in a controversy surrounding its AI platform Gemini, prompting an apology to India following a wave of criticism and concerns, reported TOI. 

As per the report from the publication, it is suggested that Google issued an apology to Prime Minister Modi after its AI platform, Gemini, was deemed ‘unreliable’ and returned unsubstantiated results in response to a query regarding the Prime Minister.

According to statements attributed to Minister of State for IT & Electronics Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Indian government had issued a notice to Google seeking clarification regarding the discrepancies in Gemini’s responses. In a significant move, Google acknowledged the platform’s unreliability, extending an apology to Prime Minister Modi and the Indian government.

This incident unfolded against the backdrop of mounting scrutiny over AI platforms operating in India, with the government announcing plans to mandate permits for their operation. Rajeev Chandrasekhar emphasized the importance of AI platforms respecting Indian consumers and highlighted the legal ramifications under Indian IT and criminal laws for spreading false information.

Additionally, the controversy also surrounding Google’s AI chatbot Gemini intensified as it faced allegations of racial bias and historical inaccuracies. Criticism ensued when Gemini reportedly refused to generate images of white individuals and depicted historically white figures as people of color. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, faced calls for resignation amid the furor.

In response to the outcry, Google took steps to address the concerns, temporarily halting Gemini’s human image generation capabilities. Sundar Pichai condemned the error as “completely unacceptable” and pledged to rectify the situation. However, demands for Pichai’s resignation surged, with analysts Ben Thompson and Mark Shmulik suggesting that leadership changes within Google were imperative.

Ben Thompson underscored the need for a transformative shift within Google, advocating for the removal of individuals responsible for past missteps, potentially including CEO Sundar Pichai. Similarly, Mark Shmulik questioned the suitability of Pichai and the management team to navigate Google through the challenges ahead.

 Google’s response to the criticism has been to pause image generation capabilities and commit to releasing an improved version in the future. Sundar Pichai reaffirmed the company’s commitment to rectifying the situation, acknowledging the need for corrective measures.

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Google issues apology to India over AI controversy; Gemini’s reliability questioned: Report

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Google issues apology to India over AI controversy; Gemini’s reliability questioned: Report

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