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Kunwar Vikram Singh Unanimously Re-elected as Chairman of CAPSI

New Delhi, June 07- The Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) is delighted to announce the re-election of Kunwar Vikram Singh as Chairman during the recent meeting of the Governing Council, held at PHD House, New Delhi. The decision was reached unanimously by the members present at the meeting, including representatives from 22 State chapters.

The day-long proceedings witnessed active participation from Council members who expressed their unwavering support for Kunwar Vikram Singh’s leadership and vision for the development of the private security industry in India. Recognizing his successful tenure and remarkable achievements, the Governing Council reaffirmed their trust in his ability to guide CAPSI towards continuous growth and excellence.

In addition to the re-election, the Governing Council made a significant decision to support the National Citizens Security Culture initiative. CAPSI recognizes the importance of creating a strong sense of national security among citizens, promoting awareness, and fostering a culture of safety and security. By aligning with the National Citizens Security Culture campaign, CAPSI aims to play a pivotal role in making India a safer and more secure nation for all.

Furthermore, the Governing Council unanimously endorsed the “Stay Alert – Stay Secure” program. This collaborative endeavor strives to educate individuals, businesses, and organizations about proactive measures to enhance security and prevent untoward incidents. CAPSI, under the leadership of Kunwar Vikram Singh, is committed to actively propagating this campaign and ensuring its successful implementation across the private security industry.
Lt General Ashok Shivane. Sh Bhagwan Shankar IAS ( Retd) Maj General Raju Chauhan, Mahesh Sharma Secretry General, Sh V V Katti President, Sh Sudhir Bhasin Vice President, Adv D P Singh, Anil Puri Vice President, Brig Baldev Singh, Sh Anil Dhawan Vice President made addressed the Governing Council.

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Kunwar Vikram Singh Unanimously Re-elected as Chairman of CAPSI

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Kunwar Vikram Singh Unanimously Re-elected as Chairman of CAPSI

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