Wireless access control with programmable battery-powered keys and locking cylinders is provided by the CLIQ® ecosystem. Designed for small to large and complex businesses, CLIQ® incorporates several admin options, including a smartphone app and enterprise web applications.

Keys or access control — why not both?

A CLIQ mechatronic locking system combines patented, high-end mechanical and electronic protection. It is based on programmable smart keys with optional Bluetooth functionality; a range of wireless electromechanical door locks and padlocks, suited to even the toughest climates; and powerful, user-friendly admin software.

A CLIQ access control system brings control and convenience without the need for wires: all CLIQ locking devices are wire-free. The power comes from the battery inside the key. CLIQ improves your site and building security with flexible access rights and easy key management — and is straightforward to administer anytime and from anywhere.


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