Stakeholder Risk Assessment & Management

Stakeholder Risk Assessment & Management

Security Leadership Discussion

Today i.e. 29th March 2024 at 5.00 PM IST

Stakeholder Risk Management is the process of managing the risk that a stakeholder could negatively impact a project or business decision, or be negatively impacted by the project or decision. Stakeholder risks are prioritized by probability and potential impact.

Expert Speaker Mr. Nand Kishore Bhatt CPP, CSM, is the State Councillor for Goa at the International Council for Industrial Security & Safety Management. He is CPP from ASIS International and currently holds the position of Chief Security Officer for the Iron Ore Business at Vedanta Group in Goa. With an impressive background in Security Planning & Management across various industries, he brings over a decade of experience to his role.

In his role as the State Councillor for ICISSM in Goa, Nand Kishore brings his wealth of knowledge to further the council’s mission of promoting industrial security and safety management. His leadership and strategic vision is undoubtedly enhancing the council’s initiatives in the region.

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Stakeholder Risk Assessment & Management

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Stakeholder Risk Assessment & Management

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