The Next New

The Next New – Navigating the Fifth Industrial Revolution by Pranjal Sharma is a compelling read for anyone looking to understand how the intersection of technological, societal and economic forces is ushering in an era of opportunity not just for prosperity but for the well being for our communities and planet, says Børge Brende, President World Economic Forum.

Pranjal Sharma explains, the #FifthIndustrialRevolution opens up opportunities for organisations to do business in new and better ways. Sustainable transformation is the challenge of our generation to ensure growth & opportunity for all. #TheNextNew is a testament to this, says Aiman Ezzat, CEO, Capgemini.

In the foreword, Blake Moret, Chairman & CEO, Rockwell Automation says Pranjal makes the argument that people & our planet, must take priority during the #fifthindustrialrevolution Truly #sustainable endeavours, powered by the #technologies of the #fifthindustrialrevolution, will expand human possibility.

(#ESG + Fourth Indsutrial Revolution) x #SDGs = Fifth Industrial Revolution

The key pillars of #fifthindustrialrevolution are:
– Technological breakthroughs: Rise of #AI, material science, new fuels
– Values, ethics, safety & social equity: Increased governance with focus on social inclusion
– #climatechange goals & accountability

In the next new, those who change faster than others will thrive. In the $25 trillion transition, the strongest forces disrupting #businessmodels will not be #technological breakthroughs alone. The biggest disruptor would be the need for making societies #safer, productive and less harmful to the #environment. The #techindustry needs to take a more proactive and #innovative approach and invest in #safety as a core business interest,’ says Julie Inman Grant, the esafety commissioner of Australia. Technology-led #businessmodel shifts will be deeply influenced by the principles of #stakeholdercapitalism

“The Next New” identifies and profiles the deep shifts that are fundamentally changing professional careers and #revenuemodels across industries- #mobility, aerospace, #healthcare, smart manufacturing, green energy, automation & AI. Driven by #emergingtechnologies, demand for #socialinclusion & urgency of sustainable practice, a multi-trillion $ transition is underway.

Drawing upon cutting-edge research & insights from business leaders, the book makes a compelling read. It provides a practical roadmap to #businesses as they prepare for the new #ecosystem.

Thank you Pranjal Sharma – honoured to be receive a personally signed copy of your beatsller with a compelling handwritten message:

“Dear Sam, There are many challenges to be interpreted…”

Congratulations Pranjal on your fourth bestseller. Waiting eagerly for your fifth. Congratulations to Harper Business

Your quote from Bhagwad Gita sums it:

“The ignorant work for their own profit, the wise work for the welfare of the world.”

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The Next New

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