Did you know that the female representation in the Private Security Industry of India is a mere 15% only?

This sector has been male dominated (85%) which suggests a gender-based disparity observed in the private security domain of India.

A decade ago, the percentage of women in the security industry was virtually non-existent. More recently, women have actively positioned themselves for growth within the security profession in both government and private industry. At this time, the number of women in security is rapidly increasing in the workforce of India. Women are gradually making their way into this highly male-oriented profession. There is a new movement on the horizon, and it includes capable women implementing a vision of change.

During the past ten years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of women in leadership roles within in the security profession. More and more women are holding executive-level jobs in organizations across the globe. Women entering security in junior-level positions are quickly and remarkably climbing the organizational ladder of success. Women have been adding credibility to security organizations and have also been observed to be infusing respect in the processes and approaches of such organizations.

The security industry has begun to recognize the value of women and their unique creativity contributing to team cohesiveness and better profits. Women help create a better work environment; they relate through empathy, communication and appreciation for other points of views. Women are more sensitive and intuitive than men and possess the emotional intelligence needed to create a well-rounded workforce.

Women no longer have narrowly defined roles in security. They can now enter any position – be that technical, managerial or core physical security itself.

I am also pleased to see women recognized in security industry awards, reflecting our overall success. Ultimately, we need to reach a stage where gender isn’t even a factor in the private security industry of India and individuals are judged on their professional skills alone.

These are some primary reasons why innovative and forward-thinking security organizations are hiring more women and placing more women in managerial roles in their private security organisations. The keen eye for details and the depth of creativity and technical knowledge are key points that have drawn the attention of leadership in security organizations towards women employees who show promising potential.

Some of the role models in the private security industry of India:

Major Vashita Mehra ( Retd) CPP, PSP, PCI CSP, CATSVeena Gupta- LLB Executive Protection Practitioner, TEDx Speaker,EPAkshita Mathur (She/ her)Garima Goswamy, APPCapt Meghna Bhattacharya,CPP®,PCI®,CFE,CASCapt Manisha Singh, CPPVaagisha –Shalini Atri


Did you know that the female representation in the Private Security Industry of India is a mere 15% only?

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Did you know that the female representation in the Private Security Industry of India is a mere 15% only?

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