New Age Threats: New Edge Mitigations

The security industry has and continues to play a vital role in ensuring the protection and safety of country’s critical infrastructure and economic well-being. The threat of terrorism has resulted in increased vulnerabilities and even greater risks. While technologies are great help in finding the suitable solutions, they are also found to be double -edged weapons.

Same technology which are used for securing business data, cyber and physical assets, can also be used as tool to breach. Technologies are our assets as well as vulnerabilities in industrial security management. With their limited shelf life, before their vulnerabilities are plugged, these are already exploited by the saboteurs, fraudsters and criminals.

It is very clear that new age threats need new edge strategies to successfully counter them. We need to put greater attention and focus on the much needed newer knowledge and skills and constantly train the security professionals.

Keeping this scenario in mind and due to changing security threat landscape, it was felt imperative that all working security professionals are given benefit of emerging trends and technologies successfully behind adopted by industry’s leading professionals.

One day seminar is therefore being organised by International Council for Industrial Security, Safety & Management also known as ICISS. This is planned with the aim to professionalise the Professionals, the motto of ICISSM.

Use link for online registration – https://lnkd.in/gvy6h9z7

New Age Threats: New Edge Mitigations

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New Age Threats: New Edge Mitigations

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