8 Essential Skills for the New Age Private Security Professional Dr. Husein Sakerwala CISM®, CPP®, PCI®, PSP®

1. Time Management

As a security professional, you will constantly be juggling between competing priorities.  Display time management by mapping out plans to meet deadlines, minimizing wasted effort, and continuously re-evaluating how you spend your time. Do not forget to cater for unexpected events that may occur occasionally.

2. Effective Communication

As a security professional, you will be expected to interact with customers, brief higher management and motivate the security guard on ground and therefore Public Speaking is an absolute essential. Effective communication is the backbone of leadership. Being able to talk and write clearly so that everyone understands you is important. Strong communication skills enable you to convey ideas, actively listen, provide thoughtful feedback, and tailor your message to different set of audiences.

3. Emotional Intelligence

A security professional is expected to be tough, however understanding the feelings of others will help you navigate workplace challenges better. High emotional Intelligence individuals are empathetic, self-aware, and excel at building strong relationships. Always put yourself in others’ shoes, listen actively, and show understanding and compassion.

4. Resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity. Employers value employees who can handle stress, learn from their mistakes, and continue to perform at a high level. To demonstrate resilience, maintain a growth mindset, learn from your experiences, and focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

5. Problem Solving

In the security profession, things will go wrong and when they do, don’t panic. Do not be afraid to think outside the box. The ability to analyze cases logically, question conventional approaches, identify the causes, and create solutions is immensely valuable. For private security professionals, problem solving should be automatic and natural as breathing.

6. Critical Thinking

A large part of what makes a good Security Professional is their ability to think critically about any situation. In using their own logic and reasoning ability, Private security professionals can distinguish between the strong and weak aspects of any situation they may find themselves in and use these skills to decide on the best approach to a situation, usually within a very short time.

7. Constant Learning

Security professionals in the new age are expected to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills. One should be ready to unlearn outdated practices of security only to re-learn the new which are more suitable in the present times.

8. Embrace Technology

A next – gen security professional should be comfortable in adopting new technology and leveraging it to the maximum. Think of new ways in which the existing security infrastructure can be utilized more efficiently by introducing new technology. Being techno-savvy is now a prerequisite for any security professional.

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8 Essential Skills for the New Age Private Security Professional Dr. Husein Sakerwala CISM®, CPP®, PCI®, PSP®


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