Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) – -The preeminent organization for security professionals made its unpretentious beginning in 2005 and has emerged as an “elite association”. Nationally and internationally renowned security professionals managing world’s largest workforce of 10 million guardsmen and women engaged in providing private security cover to the nation. CAPSI’s governing processes are being guided by an eminent Board of Governors having former Army Generals, Veteran Police and Para-Military officers, high ranking Intelligence Professionals from Central Bureau of Investigation and premier governmental intelligence agencies and renowned Risk Managers. The Executive leadership of CAPSI is provided by Security Entrepreneurs of Second Generation who have achieved excellence in the business of security management in India and abroad. The unique bouquet of experience and entrepreneurship has taken CAPSI to its new height within a period of 17 years, especially after the enactment of the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act-2005.

The CAPSI is now playing a leadership role in the formulation of “Global Standards and Best Practices” for Private Security Industry world over. CAPSI was invited by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to participate in the “Planning Meeting” for Civilian Private Security Services their Role Oversight & Contributions to Crime Prevention & Community Safety held at Abu Dhabi (UAE). At this meeting CAPSI was taken as the member of the Standing Committee to take this UN initiative further. CAPSIs initiatives and relentless pursuit eventually led to the Parliament enacting the PSAR Act in 2005 which was quickly followed by the States adopting their PSARA Rules, thereby taking the first step towards transforming the Industry from a Non-organised one to an Organised Sector. CAPSI is in constant touch with the MHA and State Controlling Authorities to modify their Model Rules in order to ensure ease of business for Private Security Agency.

CAPSI is functioning as a federal body which represents the interest of entire Private Security Industry (PSI) of India. It operates through its State Chapters constituted in every State of the Republic of India. Each State Chapter is being governed by an executive council.

Currently CAPSI management is demanding RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism) in GST and deeply involved in discussing the ramifications of the RBI Circular dated 06 April 2018 ‘Cash Management activities of the bank – Standards for engaging the Service Provider and its sub – contractor’, wherein medium and small scale Agencies indulging in Cash Management operations are disadvantaged.

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