Essential Safety Gear for Toddler Head Protector

Baby Safety Helmet | Secure Fit & Comfort | Lightweight | Proper Air Ventilation, Navy Blue

  • High-quality impact-resistant materials: The LuvLap safety helmet is constructed using durable and reliable materials that can withstand impacts and protects the baby’s head from potential injuries.
  • Adjustable straps & buckles: The helmet comes with adjustable straps & buckles to ensure a snug and secure fit on the baby’s head. This allows mothers to customize the fit as the baby grows, ensuring maximum safety and comfort.
  • Soft & breathable padding: To keep the baby comfortable, the helmet has soft and breathable padding on the interior. The baby’s head stays cool and irritation-free, even during extended use.
  • Lightweight & adjustable design: This prevent putting excess strain on the baby’s neck and shoulders. It allows the baby to move freely while still providing adequate protection. Adjustable Adjustable head circumference of 43cm to 56cm allows the helmet to be used for a growing child
  • Comfy Materials & better shock absorption: 100% Cotton exterior and Special IXPE filling maximizes shock Abosorption Capability.

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Essential Safety Gear for Toddler Head Protector

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Essential Safety Gear for Toddler Head Protector

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