Resource mobilisation, rescue operations at CPM tunnel.

  • A special aircraft of the Air Force was sent from Hyderabad and the agar machine was brought from Slovenia. 
  • The world’s biggest rescue experts was called by a special plane.
  • To order a special kind of plasma cutter, first the team was sent to Hyderabad, then the plane was sent to America and a special kind of plasma cutter was brought from there.
  • Four machines and robots and ground penetrating radar were brought from Switzerland by special aircraft.
  • A helipad and a working runway were also built at the accident site and a vertical oxygen generator plant was installed at the accident site.
  • Five people from the Prime Minister’s Office were at the spot day and night for 15 days and lived there in the container.
  • Chief Minister of Uttarakhand was present for three-four hours every day, General VK Singh, Mr. Nitin Gadkari and many other ministers used to visit there frequently and review the rescue work.

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Put your hand on your heart and think whether you have ever heard of this rescue operation being conducted in such a quick manner before in history

Resource mobilisation, rescue operations at CPM tunnel.

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