Traffic Control –Security Guard Training

Controlling traffic may be part of a security guard duty. Security guard protects private property. Therefore, you only have the right to control traffic to your site like the owner. But, you do not have the right to direct traffic on a public place like a highway. However, due to the security guard’s training and uniform, the police may ask the security guard to direct traffic in an emergency situation, even if it is in a public place such as a roadway etc. The law authorizes security guards to assist the police in case of emergency. But before leaving your post for traffic control at the request of a police officer, tell your supervisor about it.
Principles of traffic control–
▪️ To maintain professional conduct;
▪️Maintain the safety of persons subject to traffic control
▪️Maintaining personal safety.
Types of traffic control.–Security guard should know the basic types of traffic control. A security guard may have to direct one or both types of traffic on his employer’s private property, for example;
▪️ Pedestrians (To control uninvited people to reach the accident site. Security guards can direct people towards alternative route)
▪️ Vehicle (directing the vehicle to parking or controlling the movement of the vehicle before entering and exiting the site)
While controlling traffic, security guards should keep the following in mind–;
▪️ Never assume that a vehicle driver approaching a security guard has seen the guard (at night time drivers will not be able to see you, however, as the guards are standing in the middle of the road. If you are close to a larger vehicle If so, the driver may not have seen the guard).
▪️Weather conditions (Weather conditions hinder the driver’s visibility, so be safe, if the weather is rainy, foggy and cloudy etc.
▪️ To be able to monitor traffic in all directions from where the security guards stand;
▪️Always be wary of drivers who can’t see the guard.
Parking and Gate Guard—-
These traffic guards control the entry and exit of motorists from the parking complex. Their role is to assist pedestrians in crossing or stopping in front of the parking area. Traffic guards also perform vigilance for the safety of drivers and pedestrians and, if necessary, control traffic for a period of time and escort drivers out of the parking area.
Traffic Control Equipment-
Traffic control equipment is used by humans and traffic system to properly control the traffic. Which includes signal flag, marshalling band, signal baton, signal hand sign, helmet, traffic vest, traffic angle and barrier which are described below:-
▪️ Signal flags :- These flags are generally of three colours. Like white, red and orange.
▪️ Marshalling wand or a signal baton :- It is called a stick or signal baton which has a system of battery backup, which is used for traffic management in the dark by reflecting light.
■ Signal hand sign :- A handheld sign that reads STOP on one side and SLOW or GO on the other.
■ Traffic helmet or a hard cap :-Traffic police helmets are white in color with red stripes, which protect the head from dangers.
Traffic vests :- These are specially made to reflect light and are made of brightly colored material. If required, LED Lighting system is used in these.
■ Traffic cones :-These are made of different colors and sizes which are used for road guides and obstacles etc.
■ Traffic barriers :- These are usually made in white, red, yellow and black colors and are used to slow down traffic and alert drivers.

Traffic Control –Security Guard Training


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