Shaping The Army For Future Wars

Shaping The Army For Future Wars

Warfare is evolving faster than warfighters while legacy structures, processes, and doctrines are at odds with emerging realities.

The Indian army has most commendably commenced a journey of transformation in true earnest. Yet, holistic transformation of the military is hindered by the primacy of bureaucracy, political interference and misplaced policies, with little understanding of the changing character of warfare.

Military transformation to be sustainable must address all three critical components; transformed politico-military culture, transformed defence planning process and transformed joint service capabilities.

The Army must dispassionately evaluate the current capabilities, structures, planning, and processes with objectivity. It is essential to identify the shortcomings, address the root causes and bridge these gaps through futuristic institutional reforms. Time is not on our side with threats at our doorsteps.

Read on more for my brief thoughts on the subject on Army Day.

My Best Wishes to Indian Army, their Soldier’s past and present.

Jai Hind



Shaping The Army For Future Wars

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Shaping The Army For Future Wars


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